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How to Join GBYC...

Thank you for your interest in the Greenwich Boat & Yacht Club.  Effective January, 2022 we have established a waiting list for new applicants.   At this time, you can join the waiting list and we'll notify you when we begin accepting new members.   In order to join, please complete the wait-list form and review the instructions on page 2.  New members are admitted twice a year, spring and winter, or as timing & vacancy dictates.  Please ensure your waitlist form includes all required items, non-compliant forms will be returned to you.

GBYC Membership Waitlist Form.pdf

Wait-list forms are also available at the clubhouse or by request at:

Thank you for your interest in GBYC!


Wait-list fee:  $50.00

Application fee:  $100.00   

New Membership:
     Initiation Fee  $275.00
     Annual Dues  $253.00 (includes 10 % CT. Dues Tax) 

Regular Membership Renewal:     

Annual Dues $253.00 (includes 10% CT. Dues Tax)

   Junior Membership:
      Initiation Fee $5.00 plus
      Annual Dues $5.00

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